Catherine Zanzi

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Sacramento, CA

About Me

After many years of teaching science, I discovered  I enjoy interacting with people on a deeper level.  Some of my best days in the classroom happened when I was able to help my students through difficult situations or encourage them to reach their full potential.   With a lot of thought and soul-searching, I decided to go back to school to earn a master’s degree in counseling, with the ultimate goal of becoming a licensed marriage and family therapist.

As a child I experienced my own parents’ divorce and subsequent remarriages. I have lived in blended families, and have had children of my own. I have always had compassion for people and empathy for the heartache and struggles that can accompany relationships. I have experienced the pain of rejection and loss, as well as the joy of love and belonging.

I have learned that strong relationships require respect, honesty, and effort. We cannot expect our relationships to work all by themselves. Instead, we need to be active, loving participants, willing to adapt and change as life brings about new circumstances. Sometimes this requires forgiveness, sometimes it requires acceptance, and sometimes it requires knowing when to walk away from a hurtful situation. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is to love and forgive ourselves.

I don’t believe we are here because of some random series of chemical reactions. Instead, I believe we are each here for a special purpose, with a gift to share with the world. Each one of us has unique strengths and inner resources that can be tapped to help navigate through difficult times. Psychotherapy can be an effective tool to help uncover and build upon these strengths. Therapy can also teach new skills and techniques to help ease the journey through life. 

Therapy works! I have personally experienced its benefits, and I know its value and potential to improve relationships and increase enjoyment of life. Throughout all of the changes in my own life, I have learned that inner strength and resiliency are positive traits that can be nurtured and enhanced. We can choose to continue to learn how to improve our friendships and family relationships, as well as learn how to increase our joy-- even in the midst of challenge.  Contact me.  I would like to work with you.

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