Catherine Zanzi

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Sacramento, CA

Relational, Pre-Marital, and Marriage Counseling

Would you like to strengthen your bond with your partner and work on issues that continue to pull you apart?  Are you struggling with hurt and/or guilt from an affair? Would you benefit from learning new ways to communicate without increasing distress in your relationships?

I can help you get more enjoyment out of your relationships!  By working on honest, respectful communication, active listening skills, and an understanding of underlying emotions, you will begin to see noticeable improvements in your interactions with your partner. 

I also offer Pre-Marital Counseling at a reduced rate.  Increase communication skills, learn to overcome roadblocks, and find ways to continue the honeymoon even years after the wedding. Why wait until there are problems to seek counseling? By building improved relationship and communication skills, pre-marital counseling may help you avoid more expensive marriage counseling down the road.

Call 916-214-1479 for more information and to sign up.

(Non-discriminatory, LGBTQ Friendly.)

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